– 118 huts got unique numbers on the first day in Dharavi

Mumbai The process of redevelopment of Mumbai's much talked about Dharavi slum has started with the survey from Kamla Raman Nagar near Matunga Railway Station. On the first day, 118 huts have been given unique numbers. This numbering process is getting good response from the slum dwellers. Therefore, the entire survey work of Dharavi will be completed in the next six-eight months. Let it be known that the entire Dharavi is going to be transformed under the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. Under which each hut is being given a unique ID to collect information about the resident's house. Chief Executive Officer of Dharavi Redevelopment Project Private Limited S.V.R. The survey was started in the presence of Srinivas. Numbering of 118 huts was done on the first day on Monday. Srinivasan said that numbers will be given everywhere in a phased manner. Apart from this, the house proofs and all other information will be collected digitally by visiting the homes of the people living in the huts which have been numbered. Therefore, he has appealed to the slum dwellers for cooperation. – Every structure of Dharavi will be included in the survey including temple, mosque and hospital. Temples, mosques and hospitals will also be surveyed. Also, DRPPL has appealed to the residents to immediately contact the authorities if they have any complaints regarding the survey.