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Ever get sucked into a phone vortex of funny cat videos (we all have!)? What if you could turn that screen time into cash? Here's the deal:

Love making stuff? Sell your creations – jewelry, paintings, anything! – online. Your phone becomes your own shop!

Got a food-tastic Instagram? Become a blogger and score free snacks (who doesn't love free snacks?). Companies might even send you stuff to promote!

Remember coding in school and totally owning it? Businesses need websites, and you could be the one to build them. Plus, you can work in your PJs (because comfort is key).

Did a wardrobe clean-up and unearth hidden treasures? Sell them online! Think digital yard sale, but way cooler (and with way more buyers!). There's even this thing called "dropshipping" where you run an online store without a huge stock (talk about easy!).

Making money online takes a bit of practice, but don't worry about getting rich instantly. There's tons of info out there, just search it online! So ditch the mindless scrolling, explore your options, and see what gets you excited (and maybe puts some extra cash in your pocket). Your next side hustle could be the ticket to that concert or new game – boom!