Accredited Carbon Verifier agencies

PGSEPL shares its work including carbon auditing, emission reduction, and change management plans with a third-party carbon verification agency to maintain the highest standards of carbon evaluation and validation. Such institutions are enlightened by the recognized experience and follow the internally accepted protocols and approaches that have been applied globally for carbon footprint assessment.

Collaboration, with a respected carbon-accredited verifier agencies, translates into clear to the end customer evidence of the PGSEPL's commitment to openness, accuracy, and integrity in the matter of carbon offset and management reporting. These institutions act as an important controlling factor in checking the degree of accuracy of the statistics data on carbon emissions and serving as arbitrators in the application of regulatory laws and/or industry standards.

Indubitably, the accreditation of carbon verifier agencies allows third-party oversight and provides independent validation of PGSEPL's carbon reduction projects which consequently builds stakeholder trust and confidence in the company. The accreditation by these agencies conveys PGSEPL's deep-rooted commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability, becoming the flagbearer of this growth-orientation movement that in turn takes society towards a low-carbon future.