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Passive Income Potential:

Affiliate marketing offers the potential for passive income, allowing affiliates to earn commissions on sales generated through their referral links without the need for active involvement in product creation or customer support.
Once affiliate links are set up and promotional efforts are deployed, affiliates can continue to earn passive income from ongoing sales and conversions, providing a scalable and sustainable revenue stream.
B. Low Startup Costs:

Affiliate marketing requires minimal upfront investment or financial risk, making it accessible to individuals with limited resources or budget constraints.
Affiliates can join affiliate programs for free, access marketing materials and resources provided by merchants, and start promoting products or services immediately without the need for inventory, production, or fulfillment.
C. Flexibility and Freedom:

Affiliate marketing offers flexibility in terms of work hours, location independence, and the ability to work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
Affiliates have the freedom to choose their own niche, products, or promotional strategies, and can scale their affiliate marketing efforts to fit their lifestyle, preferences, and goals.