Allen Grub Screws Manufacturers in India | Sachiya Steel International

Allen grub screws, also known simply as grub screws, are small, threaded fasteners that are typically used to secure or adjust components within machinery, equipment, or assemblies. These screws have a hexagonal (hex) socket or recessed head that requires an Allen key (also known as a hex key or Allen wrench) for installation and removal. Allen grub screws are commonly used in situations where a flush surface is desired, as their recessed heads can be tightened or loosened without protruding above the surface of the component they are securing. They are often used to secure gears, pulleys, knobs, handles, and other components onto shafts, axles, or rods. These screws are tightened by inserting an Allen key into the hexagonal socket and rotating it clockwise, which drives the screw into the threaded hole and securely locks the components in place. Conversely, loosening the screw is achieved by rotating the Allen key counterclockwise. Allen grub screws are commonly used in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, and DIY applications where precise and secure fastening is required. They offer a simple and effective way to secure components without the need for bulky or protruding fasteners.