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LAN Cable | Ethernet cables | Lan Cables

The web is a wild thought. Besides, the organized structure cabling has been around for quite a while. However, it still ordinarily paralyzes me with each new accentuation of it.... Read More

Profibus | Fieldbus Technology | Fieldbus Protocol Standards

LAPP offers a scope of various transport segments to suit the distinctive specialized necessities that a system in your application condition may need to satisfy and the transport frameworks which... Read More

Ethernet Cable Manufacturer in India

Modern Ethernet cable speaks to an appealing option in contrast to the exemplary field transport framework. The favorable circumstances offered by the (maker autonomous) ETHERLINE® Cat.6 FD standard in the... Read More

Heat cables | High temperature cables

ÖLFLEX® HEAT 205 FEP cables are heat resistant insulated cables. Besides having excellent mechanical and physical properties, ÖLFLEX® HEAT 205 cables have very good electrical characteristics, outstanding resistance against oil,... Read More

Encoder cable manufacturer in India

ÖLFLEX® SERVO 2YSLCY and 2YSLCYK are flexible encoder cables having special EMC- performance due to double shielded, low capacitance design. Ideal for frequency converters for variable speed of 3 phase... Read More

pvc cable manufacturer in India

PVC multi core cables are ideally suited for use as power, control and signal cables in a variety of applications. Its high flexibility ensures easy installation whilst the tough external... Read More

Low smoke zero halogen | LSZH | Low smoke halogen free cables

With the increased demand for safety in public areas and buildings, contractors are now being advised to install materials that are non-hazardous to members of the public in case of... Read More

cable gland | SKINTOP Nylon cable glands | Cable Glands

A complete scope of cable glands accessible in either Nylon or Nickel plated metal. For standard bracing to earthing of interlace. Accessible in metric or PG strings. Atex endorsed adaptations... Read More

single mode and multimode fiber optic cable

The demand for fast and secure communication network is constantly growing. Fiber optic cables are now an indispensable and irreplaceable communication medium. Our HITRONIC® single mode and multimode fiber optic... Read More

Active Network Components Lapp India

Ethernet technology based networks are playing an increasingly important role in industries. Our ETHERLINE® portfolio offers comprehensive solutions for your Ethernet network. You can always rely on our products to... Read More