Balwaan Reaper 3Fd Diesel (Greaves engine)

Balwaan Brand is trusted by over 6 lakh+ farmers. Balwaan Reaper 3FD Diesel is a self-propelled Diesel-operated walk-behind type harvester with rotary blades which helps to cut crops effectively. Lifts the crops vertically up to one end and distributes them uniformly on the ground. The collection of crops for making bundles is easy and done manually. Thanks to its wider tires, the machine can be used in plains, mountains, hillsides, uplands & sloping fields. The best pick for small and marginal farmers because it is both affordable and highly efficient, which can considerably reduce both labor costs and harvesting costs while harvesting an acre of land in approximately 90 minutes. With powerful engines, it enhances the ultimate performance and very little grain loss in all reaping processes. Appropriate for both tall and short crops such as paddy, wheat, mustard, soybean, rajma, cumin, green grams, black grams, Mustard, Paddy, Wheat, fennel, Coriander, Sesame, Jute, Bengal gram, etc. For questions or inquiries regarding installation, virtual training, accessories, or spare parts, please contact 0141-672-7778. TRAINING IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE USING EQUIPMENT.