Best Skin Tightening Treatment in Navi Mumbai

In recent times, treatment modalities like the HIFU and RF have come into limelight due to their non-invasiveness and low or no downtime for the treatment of loose and sagging skin.

HIFU stands for high intensity focussed ultrasound. It consists of a piezoelectric transducer which produces focussed ultrasound beams. This transducer releases ultrasound waves over a length of around 2.5cm which are focussed at 1.5mm (superficial dermis), 3mm (deep dermis), or 4.5mm (SMAS layer) depth. Like a magnifying glass, the transducer focusses the ultrasound to the desired depth and at the focal spot, there is a swift rise in temperature to 60-80°C within a very short period (typically 1-20sec). This causes an immediate contraction of native collagen which is subsequently followed by cell injury and tissue shattering due to both coagulation necrosis and protein denaturation. These events occur at the deeper focused zones, while the superficial tissues are left safe and unaffected.

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