– Bilaspur – A large number of trees fell due to heavy storm and rain. No untoward incident, fallen

Bilaspur: The weather took a turn once again on Saturday night and late night rain along with a strong storm drenched the entire city, but due to this rain, there has been huge damage to the trees and at many places the trees broke and fell on the roads. Especially in the railway zone, traffic has been badly affected since Sunday morning due to trees falling on the roads.
In the surrounding areas including Budhwari Bazaar, Big Church Chowk, Titli Chowk, branches of trees have broken and fallen on the road because there is no traffic on this route due to the night time, hence no untoward incident happened, but some shops were affected due to this. There has definitely been damage to their front part due to a tree falling on it. The front part has been damaged.
So from the morning itself, the railway administration and the people started the work of removing trees from the road, after which by the afternoon the trees present on the roads were removed, especially Neem trees and various shady trees have fallen on the road. It is noteworthy that There are a large number of trees present in the railway area, which is why more trees have fallen here during strong storms and rains, although now this road has been completely smoothened and traffic has also started here, whereas now those trees Harvesting is also being done which can also cause unpleasant accidents in the future.