– CR Patil's claim of Kshatriya support for BJP in South Gujarat

Another one where Kshatriya community is protesting across the state in protest against BJP candidate Purushottam Rupala from Surat Rajkot. BJP chief CR Patil has claimed that his party is getting support from Kshatriyas in South Gujarat. According to the information, Gujarat BJP President and candidate from Navsari Lok Sabha seat CR Patil had held a meeting with many leaders of Kshatriya community in Surat today.
After which he told that there is anger among the Kshatriya community across Gujarat due to the controversial statement of BJP candidate from Rajkot Purushottam Rupala and it is natural to have this anger. He felt very bad about Rupala's statement and hence 108 leaders of Kshatriya community came to meet him. These leaders of Kshatriya community had attended the conference held in Rajkot. These leaders of Kshatriya community believe that their community is not angry with BJP but with Purushottam Rupala. Any Kshatriya has no resentment towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hence he is supporting BJP.
The leaders of the Kshatriya community who came to meet themselves made it clear that they will support the BJP by keeping their anger limited to Rupala. CR Patil may be claiming support, but no statement has been given by the Kshatriya Samaj Sangharsh Samiti regarding the support of BJP. A grand conference was held in Rajkot demanding cancellation of Rupala's ticket. But due to Rupala's ticket not being canceled from Rajkot seat, Kshatriya Samaj has started movement part two. Under this, BJP and Rupala are being opposed by taking out Dharam Rath from various districts of the state.