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We are on a Path to 'Zero Waste'

There is a common recipe for a lot of these initiatives — a little bit of material reduction, a whole lot of recycling and reuse, and a bit of incineration (also called waste-to-energy) — and they come down to four general categories that can help you structure your efforts:

1. Know What You Have: To do something about your trash, you first have to know what you're dealing with. Look at your trash. No, really look at it. Sort it out. Find out what you're making. And only then can you do something about it.

2. Track and Set Goals :Other than "low-hanging fruit," the most overused adage in green business is "you can't manage what you don't measure." But setting goals and working to meet them is still a tall order for just about any type of waste-reduction initiative, so it's worth noting how goals and metrics can keep a company on track to zero waste.

3. Put Employees in Charge: Companies with successful zero waste programs don't just make recycling and waste sorting a job employees have to do, but something they want to do and can get excited about.

4. Find a New Life for Waste: We are measuring our waste and being smart about recycling.
In our Kitchen we are using biodegradable, compostable & recyclable goods.