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Greenhouse Cooling- Make Task Managing Climate
Your greenhouse easier with High-Pressure Misting & Fogging systems for greenhouse cooling.

High Pressure Fogging is the answer for maintaining the perfect climate in your greenhouse.

Plants regulate their temperature by evaporation of water through their leaves. This process of temperature regulation uses energy. This energy could be better used – by more vigorous growth. Proper regulation and maintenance of greenhouse temperature helps plants reach optimal growth, by preventing water stress, and tissue damage.

High pressure fogging provides precision greenhouse temperature control through evaporative cooling. Mechanical cooling systems (air conditioning or refrigeration) are cost-prohibitive in commercial greenhouse environments. However, high pressure fogging gives you an affordable, yet highly effective method of greenhouse cooling. High pressure fogging also provides a more even distribution of your greenhouse cooling (because the air is cooled throughout the whole greenhouse). This also is beneficial to optimal plant growth because of a more stabilized humidity level.

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