How are warehouses integral to the operational process of supply chains and global goods movement?

One of the key roles of infrastructure that provides business service in product manufacturing and retail trade is that they have a critical responsibility on which the availability and effectiveness of the supply chain management relies. A well-functioning system would allow products to progress smoothly through the various stages: manufacturing process, transportation, package shipping and keeping products in specific storage places. That ware includes food, pharmacueticals, apparel or toys etc., this is a very weighted factor on end customers' satisfaction and it is influenced hugely by the strength of distribution and warehousing management.
Warehousing that stands on the basis of the commodities management has the greatest role, however, it is also often underestimated in its importance. Warehouses create the hinge of the operational process of supply chains, namely to ensure goods’ movement across the globe, in order to satisfy the world's consumers’ needs. However, they may seem to be indifferent, hidden behind the industrial plants and highways and often ignored, these spaces are not less important elements of the efficient supply chain and their role should not be out of focus.

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