PCR Test booking in Saudi Arabia(Makkah, Medinah and Jeddah)

The aim of MAHPCR is to get people tested before they go for their pilgrimage. We have the service where we are able to provide those who need to get a PCR test, we have multiple places within the Gulf as well as in Africa, so it is quite accessible to a lot of people. Before you are able to come to Saudi Arabia you must make sure that you self-isolate so that you do not contract the virus, in these times we have to be very careful because this is a life-threatening virus and we must do our best to make sure that we keep everyone safe and healthy, you do have to be wary of those around you as they may not be in the best of health and if you break the rules and someone gets the virus it could be very dangerous for them as well as dangerous for the Umrah agents who may be handling a large group of people. We have made sure that this service is accessible for a lot of people so that they are able to travel and complete their pilgrimage or even return to their home country after they have completed their pilgrimage. Book your PCR test with us now and get your results within 90 hours, if you are not able to come into one of our test centers then we are able to mail you a testing kit and you can use it and send it back for examination.

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