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Sai Steel Engineering & Co. is that the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of high-performance QUARD 450 panels. We also are a well-liked exporter, trader and wholesaler of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We produce and deliver our products consistent with customer requirements. We suits all standards and regulations during the manufacturing process of our products. There are various sorts of plates, standards, specifications, shapes, dimensions, diameters, dimensions, radii, surface textures, shapes, surfaces then on. Three sorts of plates are provided: polished, hot-rolled and cold-rolled and shapes, such as: wedge, smooth, laminated, square, etc. QUARD 450 grade may be a high-strength martensitic steel. This alloy are often utilized in railways, cranes, construction and other fields. Thanks to its high toughness, strength, toughness, high thickness deterrence, etc.

It’s excellent corrosion resistance, like corrosion resistance, oxidation, cracking, pitting, and erosion within the environment. The sheet has the simplest properties, like high strength, hardness, impact resistance, lastingness, yield strength, mechanical properties, good ductility, etc. QUARD 450 steel plates are utilized in various industries like chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, automotive, offshore and oil drilling, and power generation. The board is additionally utilized in nuclear and thermal power plants, seawater and marine applications, shipbuilding, process gases, chemical processes, etc. utilized in the food industry, surgical instruments, kettles, structures, aerospace, spacecraft, etc. QUARD 450 PLATES has good machinability, formability, manufacturability, reliability, durability, simple use, long life, dimensional accuracy and machinability, weldability and workability. Many other attributes.


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