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It has never been so easy to venture into this journey. Building a business from the ground up has always been a challenge. With the ray of hope, we move forward and achieve milestones one by one, making this company a one-stop destination for IT solutions.

We aim to deliver the utmost quality by ensuring the success of our projects, partnerships, and product development initiatives. We always sit beside you to help you guide you through the turmoil on your tech journey.

Our Services.

Appcurators is a subsidiary of Gortnm Innovation Pvt. Ltd. We offer tech solutions for businesses to grow and provide support to non-tech founders in this domain.

Services Provided by Appcurators

Backend Architecture Development
Data science and analytics
Mobile application development
Web Application Development
Hybrid Application Development
Desktop Application development
Software as a Service Development (SaaS)
Marketplace development

Till now, we have served the healthcare, banking, telecommunication, Information technology and retail and many more.