Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigments – Treasure for Industries

SP Colour and Chemicals manufacturers of Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigments for various applications across industries. Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment boasts quality and versatility, preferred choice for manufacturers needs.

In automotive , it adds a luxurious shine to vehicles, enhancing their appeal and setting them apart. Moreover, its resistance to weathering and chemical agents ensures long-lasting , making it a favoured choice for automotive coatings.


In the cosmetics industry, Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment serves as a key ingredient in formulating high-quality makeup products. Its lustrous shine and excellent dispersion properties allow cosmetic manufacturers to create captivating eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes that exude opulence and sophistication.

Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment is widely used in the plastics and packaging sector to impart a premium metallic finish to various products. The production of stunning packaging materials, consumer goods, and household items, elevating brand appeal and consumer perception.


The textile and printing industries also benefit from the Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment in their processes. Whether used for printing, textile, or coating, these pigments add a touch of luxury in all products or materials.

Furthermore, the architectural and decorative coatings sector utilises Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment to create stunning interior and exterior finishes.

We ensure that our Synthetic Gold Pearl Pigment meets the highest standards of quality and performance, allowing our clients to achieve remarkable results across various industries.