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branding and advertising company in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

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This year, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will include poetry and book readings, performances, demonstrations, and conversations about pop culture, current world trends, or literature – anything related... Read More

Annually, the world’s entertainment capital breathes life into books as it facilitates the nation’s largest public literary festival, an event celebrating creativity expressed not just in writing but also practice.... Read More

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Children enjoy seeing characters when they read; this helps boost their imagination. But for them to develop creativity and remember the lessons learned from the stories of children’s books, their... Read More

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Historical fiction is a genre of fiction that takes place in a historical time and place. The stories are fictional but are often based on real people and events. When... Read More

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Even before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, book fairs and exhibitions have always been there. For hundreds of years, book fairs serve as a venue for selling handwritten books... Read More