– Young man raped aunt's sister, took obscene photos and put up posters in the village

Fatehpur: A young man raped his maternal aunt's sister on the pretext of marriage and took obscene photographs. Then blackmailed the girl. When the demand of Rs 50,000 was not met, posters of obscene pictures were made and pasted on the walls and pillars of the village. Police have registered a case against two on the orders of the court.
According to the information received, a person living in Asothar police station area lodged a report in the police station. Told that the sister's sister-in-law's son lives in Ghazipur town. After the marriage of his sister, he also started visiting her house. The accused raped her 20-year-old younger sister on July 9 on the pretext of marriage. An obscene photo of her was taken and the photo was sent to Rakesh Singh, a resident of the village.
It is alleged that Rakesh demanded Rs 10,000 by threatening to defame the victim's sister by sending her a photo. Sister gave 10 thousand rupees. After this a demand of Rs 50 thousand was placed. When the demand was not met, posters of the sister's objectionable photo were made and pasted on many walls and pillars in the village on January 12. The police have registered a report against the accused under serious sections including rape, extortion and started investigation.